A good label significantly boosts branding. However, it is vital that you use them correctly, and that you stick to both the written and unwritten rules. In short, you have to master the etiquette of labels.

Providing everything you could possibly need

We combine business knowledge and expertise with enthusiasm and commitment Our staff understand better than anyone how things must be done. All of this knowledge and experience is applied day in, day out. One example of this is the combination of all of our different printing techniques, which provide results that surpass all expectations. Which is a good thing, as very often, anything less is not enough.  

Far-reaching ambitions

We are a modern and dynamic organisation, and we always capitalise on promising new developments. For example, we were quick to recognise the enormous potential of digital printing. We keep on the cutting edge in order to offer our clients the very best. Vila’s operations are becoming increasingly international, with clients from Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Portugal already recognising the value of our services. And our ambitions extend even further afield.  


We are able to achieve our ambitions due to strict adherence to our core values. We like to get things done, we relieve you of your burdens, we constantly offer the best possible solutions, we invest heavily in our staff and new technology, and we continually listen to our clients. This ensures a pleasant collaboration and guarantees the desired results. When it comes to your label, we’re more than able.

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