News: Vila Etiketten uses HP SmartStream Collage to create unique labels for “Nondedju Hete Saus”

Dutch hot sauce brand “Dokter Worst” is marketing a special festival edition of its “Nondedju Hete Saus” brand with unique bottle designs created with HP SmartStream Collage.

Vila Etiketten, an Optimum Group company, is a fully digital printing company with five HP Indigo machines. Vila Etiketten was approached by Dutch Hot Sauce producer “Dokter Worst” to see what possibilities were available for his limited edition hot sauce dedicated to his “Heet, Zuur Hop Festival”. Since the artwork for his festival was already designed, Vila offered to create unique and one-of-a-kind labels with HP SmartStream Collage.
At first the labels look the same, but after a better look one sees that the graphical elements are different on each and every label.

Combining hot peppers, limes, hops and pineapples to represent the ingredients of the hot sauce.

HP SmartStream Collage uses algorithms to create random combinations of specified design elements, thereby creating one-of-a-kind artwork for packaging, commercial and specialty printing. The variable design creates movement in the appearance of the bottles across the shelves.
The unique labels were printed on an HP Indigo 8000 digital press.

Jeroen de Bont, owner of “Dokter Worst” and “Nondedju Hete Saus”, said: ‘Without losing the identity of both my sauce and the festival, Vila helped us create unique labels that triggers the attention and compliment the bottles of hot sauce”.

HP SmartStream Collage is the next generation of HP Indigo hyper-customization software, introduced to the market after HP SmartStream Mosaic. It is a new capability of HP SmartStream Designer, a plug-in for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

Hugo de Graaf, head of pre-press digital at Vila Etiketten, said: “With SmartStream Collage HP offers us yet another opportunity to give our customers a great marketing tool. From our smallest customers to the biggest brands, we now can supply them with unique labels going from massive designs to a subtle change while staying true to the identity of the product. Since we are already specialists in Variable Data Printing this is a huge benefit and an extra value-add towards our customers.”

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